The Jane Austen Movie Drinking Game

Jane Austen Movie Drinking Game

If you have any reluctant Jane Austen viewers, want to spice up your thousandth viewing of the seminal BBC/Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice, or for a fun girls night in why not try the Jane Austen Movie drinking game?  We only wish we could get Jane’s heroines to play with us—Lizzy and Jane would be game, Emma would have us to her house, Catherine would bring the movies and Anne the snacks, while Marianne would persuade Elinor it was all in good fun.  We’d let Lydia and Kitty join if they’d only keep it down, but Mary would much prefer to keep to her room.

Drink Once:

Financial troubles arise

A wealthy benefactor takes the heroine somewhere nice

A relation or neighbor makes themselves ridiculous

A letter is read or delivered

Distinctions of rank: references to size of wealth, possession of a carriage, having been to ‘court’, looking disdainfully on those with a ‘profession’, etc.

Displays of accomplishment: playing pianoforte, singing, dancing, sewing, drawing/painting, reading.


Drink Twice:

The militia comes to town!

A messenger arrives with an urgent message

Lack of fortune prevents a proposal or marriage

A proposal is rejected

Displays of conceited independence: contradicting an elder, scampering about the country unescorted, galloping on horseback.


Drink Three Times:

A man in billowing shirtsleeves

An injury or illness

Displays of restrained emotion



Finish your drink: 

Revelation of love

A proposal is accepted


*Please drink responsibly, and only if you’re legally allowed to drink.

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