Since I’ve Been Gone


There’s not a whole lot worse than being a reader that can’t finish a book. It’s frustrating and disconcerting. I’m usually magnetically pulled into fictional worlds because losing myself in a good, fictional story is one of the main ways I deal with stress in my life. BUT NOT LATELY.

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As I was heading for what would be the ultimate crash of my reading streak, I wrote a lot about being in “reading slumps“. This is the perfect example of how in denial I was about the way I was forcing myself to do things. By trying to force myself through it, I took away my outlet. And now I want it back.


You’re going to recognize an old pattern of behavior coming up here shortly, so I’m going to take this opportunity to head you off an explain why THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT. [I know, that’s what I always say].

eye roll ms. congeniality

But for real, I got healthier about my habits. When I was trying to explain my hiatus, I focused more on why I needed a break. Now I’ll let you know that this break has made me so much happier. Initially, I was unhappy. I explained that I felt a lot of shame about not being able to finish books. I felt cut off from this community because I had nothing to offer the conversation.

So I took some time and did other things. Branched out. And now I understand that I should have been doing that all the time. I relied really heavily on reading to take my stress away, to make me happy. That’s a lot of weight to bear. And it wasn’t working.

But now I feel I can come to reading, come to the conversation, energized by everything else I do. I can share my outside activities with you, and I really hope you share yours with me. [If you cruise around the website, you’ll notice the addition of a “personal” tab I’ll use as a platform.] But I’m getting sidetracked now.


Okay, I’m back. And the point of this whole, long post is….


What have you been reading? What have you been watching? What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year? What are you listening to? What did you eat for breakfast?

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

And one more thing, I promise things will get funnier and lighter next week. But I want to thank you for letting me get some of the heavier things off my chest so I can move forward. You’re the best.

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