On Her 200th Birthday, here are 9 Charlotte Bronte-Inspired Gifts to Give Yourself

charlotte bronte

Happy 200th Birthday Charlotte Brontë! We’re popping our regular Saturday champagne and raising our glasses to the woman who gave us the fierce and unlikely heroine Jane, her better-in-a-book-than-real-life paramour Mr. Rochester, and the enduring specter of the madwoman in the attic.  For all the Jane lovers out there, here are some great gifts to give yourself in celebration of the most prolific of the Brontë sisters.  (But first, get amped with this ad for Brontë sisters power dolls, because it can never be watched enough – sadly, dolls are not available…)


Bertha Pin bertha pin

Wise advice.
Beanforest, Etsy, $1.50

“I am no bird…” Print
bird print
There are thousands of prints of this quote, but the vintage chalkboard style of this one is nice.
ColorandDustStudios, Etsy, $4

“I am no bird…” Bangle
For low-key Brontë lovers.
BerkeyDesigns, Etsy, $40

Vintage Random House Editions of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights
vintage books
It is…not even close to my birthday. I might have to get these anyway.
Amazon, Used, Various Prices

Jane Eyre: A BabyLit Counting Book
baby lit
For the next generation of Brontë lovers.
Amazon, $8.40

Texts from Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations with Your Favorite Literary Characters
texts from
For anyone who can see the lighter side of Charlotte Brontë’s gothic romanticism.
Amazon, $10.99

Charlotte Brontë Journal
For the writers
New York Public Library Shop, $14

Charlotte Brontë Set
 Totally buying it.
PemberleyPond, Etsy, $34.61

And when you’re finished giving these clever people all your money, you can test your knowledge of Charlotte Brontë’s other characters with this quiz from The Telegraph, and read what Jane Eyre means to famous writers in The Guardian.